Legambiente: “The Most Beautiful Sea” 2023

The “Il Mare Più Bello” award, promoted by the environmental association Legambiente, is a recognition that celebrates the wonders of the Italian seas and promotes the protection of the marine heritage. Every year, this initiative highlights the Italian coastal towns that stand out for their natural beauty, water quality and sustainability policies.

The sea is one of the greatest treasures of our planet, being an ecosystem rich in biodiversity and a source of essential resources for humanity. Unfortunately, human activities often threaten its integrity, causing pollution, overexploitation of fish resources and alteration of marine habitats. The protection of the sea is essential to preserve its beauty and guarantee a sustainable future.

Legambiente, one of the main Italian environmental associations, is actively engaged in the protection and promotion of our country’s natural heritage. The “Il Mare Più Bello” award is one of the most significant initiatives promoted to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the sea and to reward coastal resorts that stand out for their beauty and sustainability.

Every year, a jury composed of experts evaluates the nominations and selects the most deserving coastal resorts for the award. The selection criteria include water quality, the presence of marine protected areas, sustainable land management, promotion of responsible tourism and environmental awareness of the local community.

In addition to rewarding coastal resorts, the “Il Mare Più Bello” award plays a key role in promoting sustainable tourism. Through this initiative, visitors are encouraged to choose destinations that stand out for their environmental policies and that promote conscious tourism that respects the environment and local communities, thus representing an important tool for promoting the protection of the sea and enhancing localities coasts that are committed to safeguarding the marine environment.

In 2023 in Italy there are 21 localities that have obtained the most coveted banner of the Five Sails distributed in 7 regions. Sardinia was the most rewarded region with 7 locations, followed by Tuscany with 4; Puglia and Campania both with 3 localities and Sicily with 2 and Basilicata and Calabria.

In Liguria lights and shadows. Unlike 2022, this year the 5 Sails have not been assigned even if the districts with their municipalities increase the number of sails in the guide from 80 in 2022 to 86 in 2023.

Positive results that see a better organization and an increase in separate waste collection, a wide availability of local food products, food and wine specialties, food safety, itineraries and cultural offerings. Particularly in the West, the Vele are growing even if it must be said that they started from a more backward position. They reach three Sails Taggia, Riva Ligure, Camporosso al mare (+1 compared to 2022). Two Sails in Finale Ligure, Noli, Varazze, Andora, Bergeggi, Ceriale, Celle (+ 1 from 2022). The worst performances again this year are those of Ospedaletti, Bordighera and Diano Marina stopped at a single Sail.