“Art Symphony”: In Genoa at Palazzo Doria

Palazzo Doria Carcassi, one of the fascinating noble residences of Genoa, is transformed into an artistic stage for the “Sinfonia d’arte” exhibition: this extraordinary exhibition combines the expressive power of painting and the majesty of its rooms in a unique sensory experience. Visitors and art lovers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a combination of sounds and colors that blend harmoniously within the rooms of the ancient Genoese palace.

The exhibition presents a selection of works by renowned artists from different eras and styles. The exhibition itinerary develops in the six rooms on the main floor and after the first room dedicated to Emilian masterpieces from the Genoese collection, it invites the public to explore some themes that unfold in five sections, within which the works are linked together by an iconographic fil rouge and also analyzed from a critical point of view: “Magie di luce”, “The colors of music”, “Virgins and heroines”, “The charm of everyday life” and “Gestures of seduction”.

The reference period for the thirty-two canvases on display is the season that goes from the second half of the sixteenth century to the first decades of the eighteenth century, when in Italy we pass from Mannerism to Baroque, from this to Rococo and Classicism. The direct comparison between paintings from different schools or from different eras is extremely stimulating, not only to see the different approaches to painted reality, but also to understand how different cultural environments can influence different interpretations and different visions of the same universe of reference, real or imaginary as it is

The exhibition can be visited every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18, open and free admission in compliance with the maximum capacity of the rooms.

Guided tours lasting 1h on Saturdays and Sundays at 4 and 5 pm, bookable HERE