Discovering the prehistoric mysteries in the “Arene Candide” cave

In the hinterland of Finale Ligure, among the picturesque landscapes of the Ligurian coast, there is an extraordinary testimony of the remote past: the Caverna delle Arene Candide. This fascinating archaeological site is a veritable treasure trove of prehistoric treasures, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of our most distant ancestors. Discovered in the 1940s, the Caverna delle Arene Candide has become a popular destination for archeology enthusiasts and for those who wish to learn about the millennial history of humanity.

The Arene Candide Cave was explored in depth at the end of the Second World War: what they found inside left the archaeologists speechless: a complex system of caves that told the story of human presence in the region for thousands of years. The walls of the cave were adorned with rock paintings, stone tools and animal bones, offering a valuable window into the past.

Thanks to the excavations and research conducted over the years, archaeologists have identified various phases of human occupation in the Arene Candide cave. Among the most significant finds there are worked stone tools, shell jewels and numerous fragments of animal bones but the highlight is undoubtedly characterized by the 19 Paleolithic burials found there, constituting one of the largest Paleolithic funerary complexes in the world and without ‘another one by far the best preserved. These findings have made it possible to reconstruct the eating habits, stone working techniques and funerary rituals of the communities that inhabited the region thousands of years ago.

Another of the most fascinating aspects of the Caverna delle Arene Candide are the cave paintings dating back to the Bronze Age. The walls of the cave are decorated with representations of animals, human figures and symbolic signs, which offer a precious insight into the life and culture of prehistoric populations. These paintings, made with natural pigments, testify to the artistry and deep spiritual connection of our ancestors with the world around them.

The Caverna delle Arene Candide has been open to the public regularly since 2019 to allow everyone to admire and understand the extraordinary legacy of the past. During the visit, guests are accompanied by expert guides who explain the finds and the history of the cave. The evocative atmosphere and sense of mystery that surround this place transport visitors on a fascinating journey through time, allowing them to immerse themselves in the ancient life of our ancestors.

The Cave is an archaeological jewel that connects us to the most remote roots of our human history. Through its cave paintings, finds and testimonies, it offers a unique and engaging vision of our prehistoric past. If you are passionate about archeology or simply curious to discover the wonders hidden in the earth, a visit can only represent an unforgettable experience that will leave you fascinated and inspired.

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