The Gardens of Villa della Pergola, located in the suggestive coastal landscape of Alassio, are being transformed into an oasis of beauty thanks to the magnificent flowering of the Agapanti. These beautiful flowers, also known as lilies of the Nile, are putting on a mesmerizing display for all the lucky visitors.

Agapanti are native to southern Africa and are widely appreciated for their elegance and resistance. With their umbrella-shaped inflorescences, characterized by a variety of shades of blue, purple and white, these plants have become an iconic presence in the Gardens of Villa della Pergola.

Every year, during the summer season, the Gardens are transformed into a floral paradise thanks to their flowering and visitors who stroll through the well-maintained paths can admire a myriad of flowers that rise majestically above the bright green leaves. The delicate petals unfurl in the sun, wafting a sweet scent into the air.

For anyone who wants to take a break from the frenzy of everyday life, the Gardens of Villa della Pergola are the ideal place. In addition to the Agapanthus, visitors can walk among centuries-old olive trees, bushes of fragrant roses and a vast variety of exotic plants from all over the world. The panoramic view of the blue Ligurian sea completes the experience, creating a unique and evocative environment.

This historic residence has become a favorite attraction for visitors who want to discover its fascinating history and stroll among a variety of exotic plants.

Built in the 19th century, Villa della Pergola has kept its architectural grace intact over the years. The villa, with its frescoed facade and elegant terraces overlooking the sea, conveys a sense of refinement and prestige. Visitors who cross its door are greeted by an atmosphere of timeless charm and beauty.

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