The territory Museum “Ubagu’s Faces”

The territory Museum “Ubagu’s Faces” is a museum system for environmental and cultural heritage protection of the territory.

The project was born to create a net of museum centers and thematic itineraries which involve all the eleven municipalities of the Arroscia Valley.

Currently it is composed of various operating museums like the archeological and educational laboratory in Aquila d’Arroscia, where weapons, vases, tools and various exhibited evidences as those found in the archeological depots can be examined up close and handled by visitors. The accurate reconstruction of the inside of a cave, where numerous common objects are arranged, depict ancient life moments which occurred more than 6000 years ago.


In the laboratory it is possible to try out typical activities of prehistoric social life: wheat, grindstone, wood and ceramic bowls and a fireplace to prepare and cook bread; pelts, stone blades, awls, bone and horn needles to cut and sew objects and clothes; whorls, wool and a rudimental loom to weave. Aquila d’Arroscia can be reached from Albenga or Imperia. Follow A10 Highway till the Albenga exit and then towards Pieve di Teco. After the towns of Leca, Ortovero, Pogli and Ranzio there is a crossroad to Aquila. From Imperia follow the road to Nava, when inside Pieve di Teco take the turn to Albenga. After the towns of Muzio, Vessalico and Borghetto d’Arroscia on the left there is a crossroad to Aquila.