By foot on the Roman road

A pleasant alternative is strolling along the short stretch of the Via Julia Augusta, a roman road of exceptional importance since it connected the Italian territories to Gallia. The itinerary, about 4,5 kms long partially on a state highway starts in the medieval part of Ventimiglia and brings us to Latte. It starts from the San Michele church conserving three milestones, one of Augustus and two of Caracalla, to reach the Annunziata fort; from here it briefly follows the state highway and at the crossroad it turns right to Ville-Calandre, a road that attracts attention for its beautiful gardens. It reaches the twelfth century door Canarda built by Genovese people and representing their last western fortification. Then it descends along the Julia Augusta to reach the Aurelia road near the hamlet of Latte and ventures again on the Roman road which winds between pine trees, gardens and sixteenth century Villas next to the sea.